What To Say On LinkedIn After Being Laid Off

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Most people are embarrassed to admit they have been laid off, much less put that on their LinkedIn profiles. That is completely understandable, of course, as no one wants to be ever thought of as unwanted. The pressure, however, increases when you cannot find Lakeland jobs. You will be left to wonder if there are anything more for you out there.

Everywhere in the world, the economy is a tricky little thing to handle. Nothing is ever sure now, even the loftiest of companies have somehow managed to crumble during the financial crisis. Being laid off shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to find your next dream job.

In fact, employers know there are so many talented people out there who are losing their jobs because of the current economy. They are willing to give you the time of the day, so all you have to do is prove your former company should’ve not let you go in the first place.

Until five years ago, LinkedIn was used by lower-ranked employees since most bosses think of it as merely another social media site. It functions as an electronic resume, so either people see it as a job-hunting tool or they don’t have time for it.

But now, everybody is connected to LinkedIn. Potential employers even check out your profiles first before hiring you.

HR specialists advise that if you lose your job suddenly, be a hundred percent active and visible on LinkedIn. The site is very user-friendly that virtually everyone can navigate through it. And if you can’t, there’s LinkedIn’s online tutorial or you can enlist a tech-savvy friend to help you setup and update your profile.

When updating or creating a new profile, make sure to be very clear that you are looking for new opportunities. You don’t have to put in there the whole sordid tale of your being laid off, but be upfront that you want to be employed again.

On your professional headline that appears under your name, put in the title you want to become instead of the title of your last job. When LinkedIn asks for your current position, don’t be afraid to delete that section (before cutting and pasting the details there on your “past” work experiences). Do not be afraid to be in between jobs. That’s perfectly normal.

In the summary section, write a couple of paragraphs about your skills and knowledge, as well as what you can contribute for a company. At the end of the summary, conclude with a phrase somewhere along the lines of “I am looking for fresh opportunities in the industry.”

When employers are searching for new hires, they are more likely to filter their search of people who are out of jobs and are looking for one. This saves them the time and energy of convincing people with jobs to transfer to their companies.

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