What NOT To Do During A Job Interview

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Going to Lakeland jobs interview is an important step to clinch that dream job of yours. It is easy, however, to simply walk away without an offer because you made a mistake during the interview process. Yet, you cannot pinpoint what exactly? Employers won’t tell you why they won’t hire you. At least, they won’t tell you the real reason.

So, here are the don’t’s of job interviews. If there is an interview in the horizon for you, make sure not to do these silly mistakes:

Answer monotonously

Do not answer with a simply yes or no in question of context. There is never a simple answer to any question asked during an interview. Each question is designed to let out your inner attitude and your behavior towards work. Whenever possible, use the CAR (context, action, result) technique. Share things about yourself that will be beneficial for the position you’re applying for.


Be truthful, frank, and concise with your answers. Even if the questions are too personal for your liking, answer it truthfully. There is a good reason why hiring employers ask the questions they do. They are determining something about you, and you have to be willing to let them see what that is.

Criticize your former company

If you are asked why you left the previous company, answer as diplomatically as possible. That means you don’t have to say that they are paying you so little, that you almost don’t have benefits at all, and that your boss breaths down your neck every second. Don’t make derogatory remarks about your former employers and co-workers.

Over-answer questions

While it’s important to put context when answering interviews for Lakeland jobs, you must also remember not to over-answer. Some hiring employers may want to know what your economic and political stands are. Don’t engage them because your politics are your own.

Get discouraged

Somehow, in the middle of the interview, you may feel that you will be rejected by an employer. This may be a trick for them to know how you’re going to reach in such situations. Continue being engaging and charming. Don’t let your discouragement or alarm show over what’s happening. Remain calm and answer the questions truthfully.

Ask about salary

Unless you are absolutely sure you are going to be hired, don’t ask questions about how much they pay at your position. Wait for them to ask you about your salary demand.

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