What To Expect During A Job Interview

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So, you finally got the call you’ve been waiting for. It’s the one from the hiring department of the company you’re eyeing. You now have a chance to get in and land your dream Lakeland jobs.

But what should you expect from this interview? Are you going to be hired? Will personal questions be asked? How should you compose yourself? What should you answer or ask?

Let’s try to make a rundown of what to expect from a job interview:

Expect the interview to start on time

Although it probably won’t, expect your scheduled job interview to start on time, so better be there earlier than you’re supposed to. Arrive at the meeting place or the office 20 minutes before. This will give you enough time to park your car, visit the loo, find the right office and finally, wait for your name to be called.

Expect to be asked probing questions

Some of the questions may be borderline personal such as your salary from your current or previous Lakeland jobs. Answer with as much honesty as you can. But if for some instance, you cannot share that information with them, explain why and be apologetic. There are also some prospective employers that like to ask the state of your family life (it gives them a sense of your independence and time freedom). Again, when you believe the questions have become too personal, answer in general and apologize for not being able to elaborate.

Expect to sell yourself

If you’re not comfortable selling yourself, then you’re going to have trouble acing your interview. You should put yourself out there and speak about your special skills and talents. No one will tell this company how much of a team player you are. It has to come from you, and you have to prove it to them once you are hired. Showing your confidence and pride in what you do will make the company feel like they’re going to miss out if they don’t hire someone with your confidence and bravado.

Expect to be put in limbo

There is a very slim chance you’ll get hired right away. Chances are, the officers in this company have to deliberate on why they should hire you and what kind of compensation will be offered to you. Once the job interview is done, shake your interviewer’s hand, thank him/her for his/her time and move along. Don’t be too nosy and ask for their hiring process (although there is a good chance they’ll explain this to you at the end of your interview).

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