Using Facebook To Land Your Dream Job

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Facebook is now being used as a tool for just about anything–the good and the bad. It is now used to bully others, to spread political lies, to build a social image, and to share things that don’t even need to be shared. But even amid these negative qualities that Facebook users possess, the social media network is a way for people to reach out, communicate, and even finally land their dream Lakeland jobs. You may be thinking: “but how?” Facebook has a social function, but we can maximize this to our benefit.

Always be professional

It’s easy to let go in your Facebook profiles, and just post your party photos. Now, there’s nothing wrong with going out and having fun but these are the kind of information your employer can know about you later on, and not when he/she is about to hire you.

If you are originally planning to use your Facebook account to meet prospective bosses, then be careful what you post from the get go. Prevent yourself from posting aggressive statuses, problems and even drunk photos of you and your friends.

When you’re working in the industry for long, there is a good chance you have met officials of other companies. Once you decided to transfer to another job, you may have to reconnect your ties with these officials. Surely, you don’t want them referencing to that time you drunk posted on Facebook?

Do not rant about your bosses

There’s nothing more awkward and more disrespectful than ranting about your job on Facebook. If there is a problem about your Lakeland jobs, you can go to your boss and talk to him/her about what’s bothering you. Even if your talk did not end up smoothly, you should still stop yourself from discussing your work problems on the internet.

At the same time, you should never talk about your coworkers on Facebook. There’s nothing employers want less than people who cannot be trusted while their backs are turned. Learn how to be a team player that if something went wrong, you can be trusted to keep the issues to yourself and the group. There is no need to broadcast your problems to the world.

Though we tend to be our fun and cool self on Facebook, we have to limit ourselves in terms of posting photos, videos and statuses if we want to maintain our professional image on it. Facebook may only be a social media network for many, but the prevailing trend now is to say “hi” and “hello” on Facebook, which could then lead to talks about work and who knows, maybe even a job offer.

The opportunities that Facebook created are endless, and we should embrace it and make it work for our benefit.

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