5 Unusual Job Search Tips

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When searching for Lakeland jobs, you probably heard all the common advices–follow your passion, sell yourself, wear a tie, be confident, etc. All of these are the usual jobseekers tips because they work. These are the proven formulas that have already clinched jobs for countless of people.

Here are five of the most unconventional job search tips you can find:

Be vulnerable

We usually hear people say that we should be confident and that we should sell ourselves and our skills. While this strategy usually works, there’s another one at the end of the spectrum that can work, too. Be vulnerable and ask the hiring manager what they need for the job and say that you are willing to learn and master the craft. Sometimes, fresh ideas are more welcome than years of experience. You may also show your admiration for the company you’re applying for. You can tell the hiring manager that you have always dreamt of being part of the organization.

Stray away from your passions

Do this sometimes. Most people who love their jobs now learned it the hard way. They started when they didn’t want it, and slowly grew into it. They learned the necessary skills and fell in love with the industry in the process. You don’t always have to start with guns blazing. You can start slow and work your way up.

Work for them before being hired

If you want to get noticed by these Lakeland jobs, you have to start a fire. They have to notice you. Study the company you want to get into, and identify what their needs are and what issues they are facing. Perhaps, you can create a program or a solution for it and discuss this in a blog or in an article. Make sure that it will be published, so that there’s a better chance for the company bosses to notice it… and indirectly, you.

Learn to listen

Most jobseekers are so caught up in how they think they should answer that they don’t listen to what the hiring manager is saying. When in a job interview, learn to listen attentively and don’t just think about what to answer when the questions come. Sometimes, the trigger to finally getting the job is in the details–on what the interviewer tried to say during the process.

Research about the company

Once you see a position is available in a company you want to work for, research first about the position, the business, and the people who work there. Reach out to the employees there, and ask them about the company.

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