How To Turn Down A Lakeland jobs Offer

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There is nothing wrong about turning down a job offer. The most common misconception about Lakeland jobs is that you have to always accept what is on the table. That is absolutely wrong. It is within your right to reject an offer you think is below you or isn’t right for you.

There are many reasons to why you’ll reject a job offer. Maybe you have been offered a better one. Maybe you changed your mind and didn’t want to work at all. Maybe you and the hiring manager didn’t see eye to eye. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t feel compelled to accept an offer if you don’t feel like it. After thinking about the pros and cons, and finally deciding on what to do, you may now start with these helpful tips:

Tell them about your decision ASAP

If you are being rejected for the position, wouldn’t you want to be notified immediately? That’s the same during a recruitment process. Let the company know that you are rejecting their offer, and that you have decided to pursue another thing. It will let them move on better, and they can start looking for another candidate. If you let them know about your decision too late, they may lose the opportunity to hire another one.

Talk to them personally

Rejecting an offer is always an uncomfortable and awkward situation. But no matter how awkward that may be, you should have the guts to face the company and tell them you’re not interested anymore. They will have more respect for you when you do it. Depending on how much time you spent with them, emailing is certainly not an option. It will make you look like a coward who cannot face the people he/she will be rejecting.

Reach out to company officials

There is a chance that aside from the hiring manager, you have also come in contact with a supervisor or a manager. Reach out to them via a phone call and let them know about your decision. They will respect you more for it. They will also appreciate the gesture.

Let them know that you like the company

You certainly wouldn’t have applied for a position there if you didn’t like the company. Once you rejected the Lakeland jobs offer, make an effort to let the company know what you admire about it. There is no reason for you to burn bridges, and letting the company know what you like about them will prevent you from doing so.

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