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People can form an opinion about you in just a few short seconds after meeting you. Employers do the same with your resume. They can either be interested or completely detached from the idea of hiring you because of something that turned them off in your resume. That’s why, it’s important to maintain a clean, concise and informative resume to get your dream Lakeland jobs. Here are the top things that turn off employers from your resume:

No white space

Your resume will speak about who and what you are even before a potential employer meets you. The resume should be clean, professional and even artistic, at some point. A text-heavy resume will distract an employer from what really matters. A resume that is too crowded will also strain your potential employer’s eyes thereby, stressing him with the mere thought of browsing through your credentials.

Not results-oriented

When an employer is perusing your resume, he/she wants to know what you can contribute to the company. Instead of merely enumerating there your experiences, why not also put your accomplishments?

The language will matter also. For example, you have created a marketing campaign that resulted in sales increase for your previous job. Instead of saying “Created a marketing strategy for ABC company,” why not say “Created a marketing strategy for ABC company that resulted in 10 percent sales increase”?

It’s too long

You have to sell yourself as quickly as possible. Start by listing your accomplishments, experiences in the industry and your educational attainment. Stop putting in works you’ve done a decade ago for an industry that is completely removed from the one you’re applying into.

Make your resume concise and straight to the point. The earlier you can sell yourself, the better chances you have of landing your dream Lakeland jobs.

There are no statistics

Employers love numbers. They want you to quantify your accomplishments through the percentage of sales increase or if you have managed to save logistics spending in your previous company. Crunch the numbers and be proud of them.

You don’t sound confident

The resume is not the place to be humble. You don’t have to brag about what you have achieved, but you have to be confident about what you can do. Do not ever admit to not having enough experience, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. Instead of highlighting your lack of experience, emphasize what you have accomplished when you were an intern or the projects you have done in school.

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