Tips for Hiring for your Lakeland job

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Hiring the wrong person can be a disaster for any business. Finding the right person for a Lakeland job is not always easy. You will need to consider several different aspects of the applicant to determine whether the person is a good fit for the company. A few tips will help you to hire the right person for a Lakeland job every time.

Look For Reliability

You do not want to hire and train someone just to have them leave after a week or two. Carefully look through the resume for indicators the candidate might not be reliable. Look for unexplained job gaps. Talk to previous employers about absences. Reliability is something you need in any job applicant.

Take a Holistic Approach

Be less strict about specific requirements like education or job skills. Take a holistic approach when considering someone for a Lakeland job. The candidate might have exceptional abilities and experience in all but one area. This applicant could be a very effective employee with just a little training.

Ask Unusual and Thoughtful Questions during an Interview

Ask unusual and thoughtful questions during an interview instead of the standard list of inquiries. Create questions that will really force the candidate to think. These types of questions can reveal a large amount about the background and critical thinking skills of the individual.

Assess Personality

Pay attention to the personality of the applicant. Interact with the person enough to get a good sense of his or her personality. You want to be certain that the personality of the job candidate matches the company culture and the personalities of coworkers. The wrong personality in a company can create conflicts and tension.

Perform Skills Testing

Skills testing will help you to hire the right person for a Lakeland job every time. Schedule a 15 or 30-minute test of actual skills in a controlled environment. Add an unexpected problem to the test. This will show you how the applicant handles pressure and how well the individual can solve problems. It also reveals the level of competency with certain skills.

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