5 Questions To Ask A Freelancer

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It’s easy to see who you should not hire for your Lakeland jobs, but how about differentiating who’s good and who’s great? If you have to make a choice between the good and the best, how are you going select who’s who?

The interview portion is designed exactly for this purpose. It will give you the answers you are seeking, or maybe not. Once you hear the potential employee answer your question, you will have a sense of how he/she is as a freelancer. You will be able to deem if he/she can work under pressure and if he/she can deliver.

Here are five questions you need to ask any freelancer:

1. Will you be able to meet the deadline?

Most freelancers handle multiple projects at the same time. While it doesn’t mean that they don’t have time for your project, they may not be comfortable with a tight schedule. Make sure they have the time to balance your project against the other projects they are handling.

2. Can I see your portfolio and sample work?

Any experienced professional should have no qualms about showing you their work. They are usually proud of what they did before. They can discuss these things to you, and they will be the best representative of their work. If you have any questions about their work, they can answer straightaway.

3. What kind of feedback did you receive from previous employers?

Some people may find it awkward to discuss previous Lakeland jobs with you. However, if they are proud of their completed projects, they will be able to discuss these things to you without any worries. If they are using a specific platform, it is likely that former employers already left reviews about them. You can use these reviews to determine if this freelancer is right for the job.

4. How much are you going to charge for this project?

This is certainly the most important part of the interview process. You need to know if you can afford this particular freelancer, and if he/she can accept your offer. It’s essential for a good relationship in the future that the financial compensation is clear to both sides.

5. What do you do in your free time?

Why is it important to ask the hobbies and interests of a potential employee? It’s because you want to get to know the person outside the profession. This will help in developing a rapport with the freelancer.

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