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Job applications take many different forms, and hiring managers use the information provided in the application to determine who will be shortlisted for an interview. It’s an effective way not to waste the time of the employer and the job seeker. Here are some of the questions asked in Lakeland jobs application:

Name, address, contact number

This is pretty self-explanatory, right? Of course, they need to know who you are and where you live. Sometimes, hiring managers depend their job offers on where you live. Rarely do they want to hire someone who lives too far from the office.

Desired job and salary

What are you applying for and what’s your expected salary? This will help hiring managers know what you’re gunning for instead of trying to determine what will fit your skills.

Though telling the hiring manager where you want to be placed does not guarantee you’ll get it, there’s a good chance you’ll be shortlisted for the position if they see your performance fits it.

Previous jobs

Fresh graduates usually find it hard to look for Lakeland jobs because they don’t have an experience yet. As a hiring manager, it’s hard to simply employ someone who hasn’t been broken in by the industry. No one wants to be the testing ground of kids who have just gotten out of college.

Having previous experience will help you land the job because the hiring manager can do a background check on you and ask about your capabilities and efficiency.

Salary history

This is a tricky little subject about job applications. Do you tell the hiring manager how much you’re really earning or not? Salary is always a sore subject for people, more so if you’re trying to negotiate for a better one.

If you reveal that you’re earning so little, the new employer may offer you less than their standard offer. After all, you worked for less for another company. You may do it for them with a slightly higher rate only.

If you increase your salary, then this new hiring manager may think they cannot afford you.

Just be honest about your salary, and let your skills and your experience (and your charm) do the trick.

Reasons for leaving previous jobs

It’s a way for hiring managers to assess your attitude. Did you leave just because you were being given a difficult task? Did you fight with your boss? It shows how much you value your job, and whether or not your leaving was for career and personal growth or because you were simply being difficult.

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