Protecting Your Business As A Freelancer

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When you’re a freelancer, the Lakeland jobs is you. You are the business. There is no entity, but yourself. There’s nothing you need to take care of but your needs and your wants (in a way). Still, there are clients that take advantage of you and your skills. You need to be able to determine how to protect yourself from such clients.

Here are some tips you can follow if you want to become a successful freelancer:

Create a contract for every project

Don’t tell me you’re the kind of freelancer who doesn’t have a contract with his/her client? Do not ever forget to draft a contract no matter what the project is. That being said, make sure to create a new one for every new project. Not all assignments are the same. Not all clients have the same demands and terms. It is important that you protect yourself with a contract. That way, when something goes wrong, you can always go back to the contract to see what needs to be done. Your client will surely agree to this, too, since he may have a contract of his own that you two will follow.

Get a downpayment

Not all clients provide a downpayment for a project. If you find one, you’re in luck. During negotiations, you can always ask for a downpayment before a project begins. This will protect you from any untoward incident that may happen in the middle of the process–like, when a client has to withdraw because of insufficient funds or when there is a sudden change in plans.

You can say no

You are not forced to say yes to everything. You can say no if you don’t feel like doing the project or if the terms are not agreeable to you. Don’t be afraid to reject a proposal or an offer. There are plenty more where that came from. Besides, the client may even adjust his offer, and you may get what you want.

Focus on your skills

Even if you have a multitude of skills such as editing, writing, and video producing, don’t market all of them. Instead, focus on one skill and accept projects based on that skill. That may seem like a waste of time, but it will do your freelance business good. You can showcase more of that skill, and you will be a best bet when a client is looking for that particular skill.

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