Essential Things To Know For Newbie Online Writers

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One of the first things you can do as an online job hunter is to pursue a “career” in writing for blogs, ebooks, journals, etc. There are thousands of employers looking for someone to produce content for their blogs and write comments on some sites, so it can generate online visits. But how do you know what’s the perfect fit for you as an online writer? What are the things that you need to check out when signing up for online Lakeland jobs? Here are some essentials for newbie freelance and online writers:

No free sample

Here’s the deal: there should be no required free sample for your potential employer. The reason why you should have portfolio hidden and saved somewhere in your hard disk is because you can present this once your employer starts asking questions about your skills.

Remember, there are clients who need a single article, and would use hiring as an excuse to get that article. Do you want to give free stuff? No, right? Do not allow for clients to demand customized articles from you. If they are the real deal, they should be able to discern how good you are based on your portfolio of writing samples.

Follow instructions

And don’t just follow instructions; follow instructions to the dot. Some clients instruct you to put a particular phrase (blue is my color) on your email subject line, so they’ll know yours is the real thing. If you don’t follow such instructions, your email can go straight to the trash folder. Also, this is a good way for clients to see that you can follow instructions well.

Identify the range of your skills

So, you’re going to be a writer? What kind? If you know a little bit about health and medical, then you’re in for a treat. So many clients today are looking for writers who understand medical jargons, and they pay a hefty price for that kind of skill. In order to be able to demand for the right salary, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you have a special skill, make sure you will highlight this in your resume. This skill will make you a cut above the rest, and will be your selling point.

Never stop learning

When you’re already part of a writing team, there are times you’ll get bored with the topics you’re writing about. This won’t happen when you learn continuously. You have to research about each topic, so you’ll have a wide range of ideas about it. Continue honing your skills even if you have landed a job already.

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