Negotiating Salaries For New Graduates

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Do you know that 80 percent of the work in negotiating for a new salary happens before the actual meeting? It’s all about researching, and preparing. It’s like a big final exam really. Your Lakeland jobs can pay you a menial salary for the rest of your life, and your employer won’t even blink an eye. Or, you can take matters into your own hands and ask for what you’re worth.

But here’s the age-old question: can fresh grads ask for more? Definitely. You should ask for more, even without the experience of actually doing the job. Fresh minds are hard to find these days. Put your inexperience out there and let it do the job.

Your inexperience can be the key

Do not go to a negotiating table thinking that they won’t grant your request for a higher salary. If you go out there looking dejected, that is exactly what they will make you feel afterwards. They will reject the request and make you feel foolish for actually making it in the first place. Your lack of experience can be your key. Look, you are young and your ideas are fresh and yes, idealistic, at worst. But they are ideas nonetheless, and fresh ones at that. Employers want new ideas for their company. They have been bombarded with the same ideas and strategies from their “experienced” employees, they actually want the new blood to take the stand and speak out what’s in his mind. You’re that new blood.

Be confident with your academic record

You may or may not be the valedictorian of your class, but that doesn’t matter. You need to be confident with what’s in the record, and never make an excuse for a D in Algebra or Calculus. Own up to the grade when the HR manager asks you, and explain how you worked over it and managed to progress in the next semesters. This will show that you are willing to learn and listen, and that you’re honest about the mistakes you have done. There’s no use feeling ashamed over something you cannot change anymore.

Be reasonable with your request

If you are a fresh grad, you surely are not asking for too much, right? Because even experienced employees know never to push the envelope that much. Know how much you are worth and stick to that price tag. Don’t reach out for more because it will make you greedy and overqualified for that salary. Your HR managers know exactly how much you should be paid for the Lakeland jobs you’re doing. You will need to convince them that you’re capable enough for that salary.

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