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Competition is fierce when it comes to posting job listings. Just as candidates have a difficult time getting their listings to stand out, employers have an uphill battle as well. Attracting the right candidates and making a listing stand out among thousands of opportunities requires having an engaging, well-written job listing.

Common Lakeland job listing mistakes

When creating a job listing, getting the right candidates in the shortest amount of time is often the primary objective. Many employers fall short in this area because of minor errors when creating a job listing. Here are some of the common job listing mistakes employers make when publishing their ads.

1. Title lacking. The first thing people do when scanning job listings is reviewing the title of the ad. Titles should be descriptive with each relevant word capitalized.

2. Not listing salary range. Employers can save time by adding the salary ranges to job listings. Applicants that fit within the permissible salary range will apply, and this streamlines the vetting process.

3. Distinguish between desirable and must-have requirements. Many employees eliminate themselves from the screening process if they don’t think they qualify, which can end up hindering the recruitment process.

4. Consider the audience. While many employers pay particular attention to the content, they often forget about the audience they are hoping to attract. The best way to address the problem is to write the Lakeland job listing to appeal to candidates that would best fit into your culture.

There are things that can be done to gauge the success of the ad. Taking an inventory of all of the applicants and their skills can help you identify whether or not the ad is resonating with ideal candidates. One can look at the skill set, experience and whether or not applicants interviewed fit within the corporate culture.

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