How To Turn Down Lakeland jobs Offers

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Lakeland jobs

When we apply for Lakeland jobs, we do it in the multiples. We apply for jobs simultaneously, so we can be sure those applications are being processed at the same time.

But what happens when you got several job offers and only have to choose one? Unfortunately, you have to let go of the other offers and focus on the job you really want.

This is a challenge to most people because obviously, we don’t want rejecting potential employers. Who knows when we might need them again, right? Here is a step-by-step guide on rejecting a job offer:

Show appreciation

First and foremost, it is important to thank the hiring manager for accepting you in the company. Although perusing resumes and conducting interviews are part of their job descriptions, a hiring manager still took the time to stalk your social media profiles, assess your skills, and even talk you up to the other employees.

When rejecting a job offer, make sure to thank the manager for hiring you and for showing you the office and even introducing you to some of staff.

Give a good reason

The right thing to do when rejecting a job offer is to reach out to the hiring manager and tell him/her why you cannot accept the job offer. This is especially relevant if your hiring manager spent a sensible amount of time talking with you.

However, you don’t have to give details as to why you cannot accept the job. A brief, simple and honest explanation will suffice. If you chose another company, then tell that to the hiring manager and wish them the best.

Keep in touch

It is entirely possible that the person who interviewed you today may also interview you in your next meeting. Don’t burn the bridges and instead, reference to an event that both of you are attending. It sends a good impression on you.

Wish them luck

Lastly, always wish the employer and the company more luck with their business. It shows goodwill even if you are going to work for a competitor. Always be gracious when rejecting Lakeland jobs.

Before finishing the conversation, never forget to thank the hiring manager for his/her time and maybe you can even apologize if he/she “wasted” their time interviewing you and assessing your application. While there is no need to explain the details of your decision, it’s always nice to be apologetic for keeping another person hanging.

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