How To Sell Yourself During A Job Interview

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Even the most business-savvy person can have a hard time selling himself to a hiring manager to clinch Lakeland jobs. Why? People are not used to listing down their strengths on a daily basis. In fact, we were taught to never brag or be arrogant about what we can do. We were taught to keep these things to ourselves, and just continually prove that we are the best at what we do.

However, job interviews don’t work that way. You have to actually sell yourself to your potential employers, so he can find out for himself if you’re really as skilled and as good as your resume says you are.

It’s quite impossible to get a full and comprehensive picture of a prospective employee in just a 30-minute conversation, so there are times that employers hire people with better presentation than skills and work ethics.

But the good news is that it’s possible to learn how to sell yourself, too. Here are some tips how to do just that:

See it as a marketing challenge

Think of yourself as a product or brand. How are you going to sell yourself? What sets you apart from the other products (candidates)? Put your best foot forward, know your strengths, and communicate these in a persuasive way. It would also help if you know who’s going to interview you. Open up subjects and topics he/she will be interested in, so that you can be comfortable as well.

Be proactive

Employers want applicants who are proactive. Do not just wait for the hiring manager to ask you questions. You may also start a topic or a conversation piece by asking about the company and your duties, if hired. It’s important for the company to see that you have initiative and that you’re not afraid to speak out when you feel you need to be heard.

Do not go overboard

Do not excessively sell yourself to the point of annoyance. Hiring managers need to feel in control of the interview for Lakeland jobs. Don’t usurp their position by being too forward and direct during the interview. At the same time, never talk too much about yourself that you’re bordering on being irritating. Only give information that are pertinent to the position you’re applying for. No one needs to know you spent your vacation in Maldives, unless you’re asked about your travel hobbies. Know when to stop.

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