Three Ways To Know How Much You Are Worth

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Salary is a sticky subject. It’s hard to price yourself too much or too little because there are repercussions to your actions. During your job interview, if you demand too high, you may be risking being out of the job selection process. If you venture too low, they may think you’re not capable and think lowly of your abilities.

You need to be proactive and take intelligent steps in demanding for the right salary from your Lakeland jobs. But first, you have to know just how much you are really worth. Here are three simple ways:

Do an online search

Sure, it’s easy to ask your friends in the industry how much they’re making, but that’s uncomfortable and can get really awkward. Similar to when you’re planning to make a purchase, you research about all possible scenarios and you look for other brands. There are websites that offer to calculate how much you should be making based on your skills, your experience, education background, etc. The site can give you a range of how much you should be receiving based on the abovementioned factors.

The point is, never go into a salary negotiation without knowing how much others are making in the same industry and same position.

Experience matters

When you see your current range on the internet, the first thing to do is to assess how much you were making in your past job and how much you think this next employer should pay you. Factor in the experience and other works you have done. That range will easily go up. If you have a gap in employment, list down the volunteer works, advocacies and classes you may have taken as pertains to the job. It is important to see that your experience sets you above the rest.

Flexibility sets you apart

Most people don’t want to relocate for work, but some jobs actually demand that from their prospective employees. Be smart enough to know that a new adventure or journey is always a welcome development in life. If you are flexible about travel, you need to put that in your resume because employers can add benefits in your compensation package once they see you are up for a relocation.

Negotiating or asking for a better salary from your Lakeland jobs need not be an uncomfortable talk at all. Most HR managers know how to handle such requests. It is the employee who can make the talk uncomfortable. But if you know your worth, you’ll be confident enough to negotiate.

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