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Lakeland jobs

The power of internet brought us many things but perhaps, one of the most glaringly obvious ways it made life easier for all of us is that we can not apply for online Lakeland jobs. Those who need extra cash and wants to stay at home to work depend on the hundreds of online jobs that proliferate the world wide web.

The only problem remains that not many people are aware how easy it is to land a job online rather than go through the whole process face-to-face with an employer. Here are some tips on how to apply for a job online:

Update your resume

Update your resume and make sure it’s in a format that can easily be uploaded and viewed by your prospective employer. Forget about PDF files. Use Microsoft Office, so that practically everyone has it in their desktops.

You also have to upload a cover photo that will introduce who you are and that will talk about your skills, and how you can contribute to the company.

Do not forget to name your file aptly. Instead of naming it with something as generic as “resume,” why not use the filename “yoursurnameresume.” This will make it easier for the hiring manager to associate you with the document.

Ready your employment history

Online job applications basically work like a regular employment application. It will ask for your previous work experience–the name of the company, the address, the positions you held, the period when you were working there, and your salary.

It might also ask for the contact details of each company you worked for, so be ready for this. They will use this information to do a background check on you.

Download sample job application form

Fill up a sample job application form and then use this as a guide to fill up the online form later on. This will help in reminding you of the details a hiring manager will ask you in your online application form.

Sign up for job sites

Most job sites will ask you to register. This will help them assess if your application is legitimate and you’re not simply fooling around.

Be ready to provide an active email address and a password. Your membership has to be confirmed using your email, so make sure to provide an accurate one. It is also highly likely that prospective employers will use the email you provided to contact you.

Some job sites will allow you to sign in using your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. For sites like these, you can import your employment history and other details from the existing accounts.

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