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Whenever you’re up for a job interview, you might have noticed that you are asked to fill up application forms that ask questions about your personal and educational background. Most people just fill these forms up without thinking what it means and how it can affect their applications. There are bigger consequences in filling out these forms, and you’ve got to be smart about them because they may make or break your employment. Here are some tips how you can smartly fill those forms, ace the interview, and land your dream Lakeland jobs:

Write legibly

First off, don’t just scribble things in the form with complete disregard. Be careful about writing your personal details and educational background because one wrong misinterpretation can send you to the “don’t hire” list.

It’s the psychology of things, really. When you fill the forms up lazily, that’s exactly how your prospective employer will see it–that you’re lazy and may not be up for the job that you’re applying for. You have to write as legibly as you can, so it will be easier for employers to understand details about your life.

Be honest

The forms you’ll be filling up will also be the basis for the questions you’ll be asked during the interview. Be honest about each and every question. And if you’re not comfortable about answering a particular item, you will have the chance to explain it later during the interview.

Be careful

As much as possible, avoid having to scratch off your answers. It’s sloppy and doesn’t look good on paper. Make sure not to crumple the paper, too.

Some people think that the simple task of filling up forms is just that–a task. But the truth is, filling up an application form shows your character, too. In this day and age, nobody wants to hire an excessively careless person. Show how careful you are with your job and your duties through filling up something as simple as an application form.

No one wants to read a crumpled up piece of paper, so be careful how you treat the documents asked from you.

Time yourself

Don’t take too long about answering the forms. There is a good chance your prospective employer is already waiting for you inside the interview room.

Most of the time, they base their queries on how you answer these forms, and not on your resume. They already got your resumes when you applied for the position. Why do you think they asked you to fill up forms with the same standard questions and some pretty specific ones? It will help them decide if they want you or not, and it will allow them to ask questions you have not included in your resume.

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