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Lakeland jobs

You’re not alone in searching for Lakeland jobs. In fact, studies found that 71 percent of workers are looking for new employments, and that for every $10,000 you own annually, you spend one month searching for a job.

The process of finding a job isn’t easy, of course. Mostly, it’s tedious. At times, it’s soul-altering. Most people, even those who have high-paying jobs already, still continue to look for an employment that would pay good but wouldn’t take so much of their time. But alas, you don’t live in a perfect world, and the world does not give you all you want.

Time your search right

Looking for Lakeland jobs require precision. In order to get the most out of your opportunity, choose the time of your application wisely. Some seasons are just more open for hiring than other months. January, February and late September and October are the perfect months to look for a job.

Job seekers who want to clinch a good employment opportunity must target the abovementioned months. But while you’re still in the middle of the summer season, you can fine-tune your resume, update your LinkedIn account, and build your network.

Make public your search for a job

Don’t be contented with looking for a job online. Instead, let your network know that you are available for hire and that you’re open for job interviews. Most of the employed now got their jobs from personal encounters–whether a friend referred them or a former co-worker tapped them to a network.

Don’t be shy about your intentions either. You can ask for a favor from friends to let you know about a certain employment opportunity.

Show hiring managers what you’ve accomplished

Instead of putting goals and objectives on top of your resume, put a summary of your previous work instead. And don’t be vague about them. Don’t say you’ve done a big project. Be specific about that “big project” you have done. Say, for example, that you managed a $300,000 project. That will surely catch the attention of the hiring manager.

Clean up your social media accounts

Forty three percent of hiring managers check the social media accounts of their prospective employees. They check for these three things: inappropriate screen name, pictures of you using drugs and being drunk, racist and discriminatory comments, and talking against bosses and co-workers.

So, before applying for Lakeland jobs, make sure to check all your social media accounts and see if they are “decent” enough for a prospective employer.

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