5 Tips For People Who’s Rejoining The Industry After A Long Unemployment

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Not everyone can work straight 40 or 50 years in Lakeland jobs. There are those who stop in the middle because of maternity leave, to join the Peace Corps, or any number of things that just means life happened. That’s totally fine.

The problem arises when you are about to join the industry you left years ago. How can you head back to a job with such a long gap of unemployment history? Things have changed. The economy is worst. The job market is tougher. The competition is unbelievable. So, how can you cope with that?

Here are five tips to help you get through the rough patch of unemployment and employment again:


If you have been gone for a long time from your Lakeland jobs, it’s a good bet that you have somehow lost touch with the new systems and processes in the industry, right? Take the time to learn what changed and what you can offer under these new changes. Read on the internet about your current industry–the issues, the challenges, the advantages, the losses. You’ll get a good grasp of how it works today.


It can be hard, but no one knows you better than yourself. Assess yourself if the skills you once had were still there and if the skills you have now can still be applied to the industry you are rejoining. It can be a scary thing to face yourself and realize you’re lacking in the skills that can make you successful, but it’s always good to be honest. Who knows, you may actually have developed new skills that can be beneficial to your industry now.


Look through your resume, cover letter, and portfolio. What changed since you last wrote it? You surely had new experiences or skills that you can put there, right? You can even check out your professional wardrobe. Some of those shirts may be outdated already, so it’s time to invest in something that will make you look snappy and very professional.


Wasn’t it a decade ago when job searching was still completely rigid? You have to send a resume, go for an interview, negotiate a contract, and attend the orientation before going to your first day at work. That’s in the past. Today, people can get job offers from social media friends. So, sign up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others to reconnect with your network. Join the conversation and you may just be talking to your future co-worker or boss.

Don’t rush

One of the most important advices is to not rush things. Start slowly by ticking off the list of to-do’s. Update your resume, shop for a new wardrobe, practice going to an interview… you don’t have to do these all at once. Just do one at a time, and you’ll get your bearings in no time.

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